The Process

The Process

We're able to turn waste into a valuable commodity. We have a patent-pending process that converts plastic waste into high-quality regranulate. Used packaging is through circular economy then brought back to us to be endlessly reused. But the real USP is taking the dirtiest plastic available and transform it into direct oil replacement.

Collection of waste & material combination

The raw material, in the form of waste film, is procured from collection yards or directly from waste producers both within the Czech Republic and internationally.

Seven-stage washing

A highly efficient 7-stage washing process with the purpose of eliminating all kinds of impurities from the waste material stream.

Process of regranulation

Similar to metal recycling, melting the material at high temperatures guarantees the removal of impurities


During this stage, the material is carefully blended to meet the specified batch parameters, guaranteeing optimal material stability.

Extensive quality checks

By conducting laboratory analyses on various grades, we determine the quality of individual batches in alignment with parameters specified by the client.

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