The Process

The Process

We're able to turn waste into a valuable commodity. We have a patent-pending process that converts plastic waste into high-quality regranulate. Used packaging is through circular economy then brought back to us to be endlessly reused. But the real USP is taking the dirtiest plastic available and transform it into direct oil replacement.

Collection of waste & material combination

The input material, as waste film, is sourced from collection yards or directly from waste producers in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Seven-stage washing

The separation of impurities using friction and flotation technology is the basis for the subsequent regranulation process and its continuity.

Process of regranulation

At this stage the material is melted, the most important aspect being the filtration of the remaining impurities and the programming of the client's desired formula.


In this phase, the material is thoroughly mixed according to the desired batch parameters, ensuring the best possible material stability.

Extensive quality checks

Using laboratory analyses of several grades, we declare the quality of individual batches according to client-specified parameters.

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