Don’t change the system fix the flaw

The issue of single-use plastic packaging is rapidly escalating, expected to double by 2040. Creating a recycling system is the only real solution. Plastic is not going away.
The problem called Polyethylene

Polyethylene is often perceived by professionals as both irreplaceable and the most difficult material to recycle, with production expected to double by 2040. 

This production mainly uses oil, the life cycle of which is very environmentally unfriendly. Plastic is an ingenious material that needs to be treated properly.

Where does Polyethylene go?
140 mil. tons yearly
27 mil. tons yearly
1 Texas

of all plastic waste
is polyethylene

of all sorted polyethylene
is not recycled

We have created a process that turns waste into gold, both for us, our clients, and most importantly for our planet.

Municipal waste is collected first. We then use this waste to create our unique regranulate, which is then used to materialise the products of daily use.

The battery that powers the future of plastics

The result is a circularly created material that returns to reusability and independence from petroleum-based plastics.


Up to 100% oil substitution
+50 % CO2 saving
Input waste recovery +90%

What is our material used for?

Brand Owners

Any company that packages products

Petrochemical industry

Primary source of plastic pellets

Manufacturing industry

Plastic packaging manufacturers

ETW Vision

Our goal is to build a global system of recycling centers and modular solutions to eliminate single-use plastics and maximize the circular economy

The most valuable
resource is action