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Regranulate made from post-consumer mixed-colored plastics is one of the most challenging materials to recycle.

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Check out Forbes' coverage of our innovative approach to plastic waste recycling, transforming the way people view plastic waste.
Forbes Czech and ETW logos
Forbes Czech and ETW logos

New golden standard

Tinted, recycled plastic wrapping sets the new sustainable standard with its eco-friendly origins and enhanced visual appeal, symbolizing the industry's dedication to a cleaner future.
Plastic <strong>is genius</strong>

Plastic is genius

Plastics are part of our everyday lives. Safely protecting goods against the elements and ensuring the quality of the final product. However, if not recycled, as 92% of plastics worldwide are not, it creates a huge problem for the environment and our planet.

We aim to change todays pattern globally

The current rate of CO2 emissions from the plastic lifecycle poses a significant threat to the global community's mission of limiting the rise in global temperatures to below 1.5°C. It's about time we step up the industry.

Landfill or gold mine?

Our unique approach creates a circular process, allowing us to fully reuse heavily contaminated plastic packaging originally destined for landfills.

How it works

Macrospective of the process

Recycling in nutshell

Turning highly contamined plastic waste into highest quality post-consumer recycled content.

From granules into packaging

Drop-in ready solution, hand-to-hand replacement for primary plastic without any change in manufacturing infrastructure.


After fulfilling its initial purpose, plastic packaging is collected, recycled, and reintegrated into the production cycle for reuse.

Endless advantages

The most environmentally-friendly packaging available is derived from post-consumer waste. This approach not only eliminates plastic taxes but also contributes to a cleaner environment while potentially achieving up to 100% reduction in oil usage.

We like paper, but let’s crush the myths

The consequences of paper

100% more greenhouse gases emitted than a polythene bag

1624% more fresh water per kg

5 billion trees felled yearly


Let's change

Discover our regranulates—a special solution that converts discarded plastic into a valuable resource, effectively turning a problem into an advantage. Designed for integration into a circular economy, they represent a sustainable choice over traditional oil-derived materials.

Let's change


From a humble idea to collaborating with some of the most prominent global entities, we take pride in our collective efforts to create a meaningful impact.

The most valuable
resource is action

Our solution
Are you a producer of plastic films? We have a solution for you!
We offer a convenient solution for producers of plastic waste to manage their waste responsibly. Let us take care of it for you, and together we can contribute to a cleaner environment.
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