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From waste, to regranulate of the highest quality. Discover how we transform the dirtiest plastics into materials of the future.

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What is ETW?

In 2018, ETW (Ecological Transformation Worldwide) marked a significant milestone with the establishment of its first plant in the Czech Republic. This facility employs a proprietary, patent-pending process to convert waste into a valuable and reusable resource.

At ETW, we transform plastic waste into premium regranulate, promoting a circular system that brings used packaging back repeatedly.

ETW leads the shift towards a circular economy for single-use plastic packaging, offering high-scale, affordable products with unmatched environmental benefits.

is ingenious

Polyethylene is flexible, durable, waterproof and most of all, ecological to produce when handled properly. The only requirement being to reuse instead of wasting it as a single-use product.

With our patent-pending solution, we intend to change the course of this material, and create an infinite loop of reusability.

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Our focus is the planet

And the mission starts here

ETW forms an important link between users and producers of disposable polyethylene packaging, turning a previously one-way waste stream into a circular flow. Since the opening of our first plant in the Czech Republic in 2018, our aim has been to address the challenges of processing and sourcing materials for plastic packaging in Europe and Asia.

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From a humble idea to collaborating with some of the most prominent global entities, we take pride in our collective efforts to create a meaningful impact.

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