Don’t change the system fix the flaw

Single-use plastic packaging is more and more increasing problem which is set to double by 2040

Imagine the
annual increase...

140 mil. tons

Roughly a mass of
14 000 Eiffel towers go
to landfills yearly

27 mil. tons

Roughly a mass of
13 000 London Eyes are
burned yearly

1 Texas

That’s the size of the biggest
floating object in the pacific ocean
made of plastic

What if we brought them back


Collection of waste
 & material combination

The input material, waste film, is collected from collection yards or directly from waste producers in the Czech Republic and abroad. Very often, we save materials which in most cases go to landfills or get incinerated.

Sorting & Cutting

The precise washing of highly contamined materials is a must.

Four-stage washing

The separation of impurities using friction and flotation technology is the basis for the subsequent regranulation process and its continuity.

Process of regranulation

At this stage, the already washed and subsequently dried material is melted and turned into solid state.


The end-use material composition and exact parameters are finalized.

Extensive quality

Using various laboratory equipment and internal quality procedures, we aim for perfection in our thorough quality bench-marking.

Top properties

Up to 100% crude oil substitution

Use maximum of plastic waste normally designed for landfills or incineration.

+50% CO2 savings


Drives sustainability of packaging, ESG goals and circular-economy

Brings financial savings compared to crude oil commodity

You pay 0 in a form of plastic taxes

Traditional process

From crude oil
  • Negatively supports climate change
  • Destroys environment
  • Not part of circular economy

Our process

Circular process from general waste

As time flies by, the demand to change the course of planet strenghtens!

Big change takes place in 2022

UK begins 200£ / ton tax for plastics with less than 30% recycled content

EU is not far behind

Each non-recycled ton of plastic waste will be penalized. 800 EUR tax and repaid by member states.

The close future

2025-2030 deadlines for Landfill bans across the Europe - creates rapid increase of recycling capacity demand and carbon neutral policy.

Let’s accelerate the world’s transition to circular economy