Recycling of plastic waste and secondaty raw materials. Manufacture of regranulates.

About company

Our family recycling company ETW has been operating on the Czech market since 2017, when regranulation tests started for the first time, and since the beginning of 2019 we have in addition to extrusion regranulation lines also washing technology that allows us to process waste films from various industries - industrial, municipal or agricultural up to 6 000 tons per year.

We focus mainly on the production of LDPE and LLDPE regranulates, which are characterized by high quality thanks to the multi-stage reprocessing - material preparation on the sorting line, technological four-phase washing, continuous automatic filtration during the regranulation process, homogenization and melt flow tests (MFI).

The most important aspect that we strive to satisfy as much as possible is the tailor-made production of regranulates according to the exact specifications of our customers.

It is therefore always essential to know the application to which the regranulate is to be applied. Depending on the type of final product, the technology and processes used, we are then able to determine what kind of regranulate will be suitable for the application.

About company


With exact requirements, we are able to produce tailor-made regranulates, whether specific color, composition, filtration purity or homogenity.

However, the cornerstones of our production are the usual types used in the blowing and extrusion industry, for example in the production of waste bags or pipes.

LDPE translucent
LDPE black
LDPE color mix
LDPE grey
LDPE natur



The input material, waste film, is collected from collection yards or directly from waste producers, from the Czech Republic and abroad.


The process whereby the most important task is to eliminate unwanted impurities and select a mix of material that is suitable for the end product.

Four stage washing

Separation of impurities by friction and flotation technology is the basis for the subsequent regranulation process and its continuity.


At this stage, the already washed and dried material is melted, in which the most important aspect is to filter out the remaining impurities, proper degassing and possibly adding the required additives (paint, UV, CaCo, etc.)


Homogenization, or mixing the regranulate, to stabilize the manufacturing process of customers end product.


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If you are interested in cooperation, we will be glad if you contact us.

Next steps to start our cooperation will include a personal meeting, product specification, followed by shipping samples and finally, real testing in production.

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