The world is in motion.
This motion requires
a change of direction.

The world is in motion. <br>This motion requires <br><strong>a change of direction.</strong>
Plastic <strong>is genius</strong>

Plastic is genius

Single use plastic is absurd. Plastic can be manufactured with any properties we can think of. It will hold these properties for a lifetime. Sadly most of it on a waste dump. We decided to do something about it.

At current pace, CO2 emissions from the plastic lifecycle endanger the mission of the global community to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C. With the petrochemical and plastic industries planning a substantial increase in production, recycling is the only way.

In the world where humanity plan to colonize Mars in upcoming years, the duty to reuse plastic waste is a must.

Our focus is the planet

Our focus <strong>is the planet</strong>

Let's change

Our commodity turns burden into advantage. Old plastic to a new one. Created to be used in circular economy as the direct replacement of non-recycled material. Sustainability goals achiever!

Let's change

The most valuable
resource is action