Real solution for single-use plastic crisis

<strong>Real solution for</strong> single-use plastic crisis
Plastic <strong>is genius</strong>

Plastic is genius

Plastic material is flexible, durable, waterproof and most of all, ecological to manufacture if approached the right way. The only thing necessary is to reuse it instead of single-use wasting.

Our focus is the planet

At the current pace, CO2 emissions from the plastic lifecycle endanger the mission of the global community to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C.

Landfill or gold mine?

With our unique approach, we have created a circular process by which we can fully reuse even the most contaminated plastic packaging destined for landfills.

How it works

Macrospective of the process

Recycling in nutshell

Transformation from old packaging into oil replacement with 95% automated process.

From granules into packaging

If you heard about circular economy, here’s what it looks like. The new packaging is made from an old one in almost every industry in the world.


Once plastic packaging serves its purpose, it’s collected, recycled and used all over again.

Endless advantages

The most sustainable packaging on the market is from post-consumer waste. No plastic taxes, cleaner environment and up to 100% oil replacement.

We like paper, but let’s crush the myths

The consequences of paper

100% more greenhouse gases emitted than a polythene bag

5 billion trees felled yearly


243% more energy per kg

1624% more fresh water per kg

Let's change

Our regranulates offer a unique solution by converting plastic waste into a valuable resource, thereby transforming a burden into an advantage. They are designed to be used in a circular economy as a sustainable alternative to oil-based materials.

Let's change


From a simple thought, to cooperation with some of the biggest names in the world. We’re proud to be making an impact together.

The most valuable
resource is action

Our solution
Are you a producer of plastic films? We have a solution for you!
We offer a convenient solution for producers of plastic waste to manage their waste responsibly. Let us take care of it for you, and together we can contribute to a cleaner environment.
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